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The House on Chambers Court

Xavier Gaines a corporate spy on the run, stumbles upon a strange house in a neighbourhood he thought he knew. When the door shuts behind him, he finds himself shanghaied by the mysterious Tamarina Voxana to a land of magic and shapeshifters, charged with stealing The Book of Undone Deeds as hs only hope of reprieve.

Xavier becomes a stranger in a strange land and must stay beyond the notice of the ruthless Guardsmen as well as the powerful Oracle, all who have reason to want him dead. To succeed, Gaines must discover the location of the Book and in the process, the truth of his own inner nature.


Literary Titan Review



The House on Chambers Court by GJ Scherzinger is an engaging and alluring fantasy novel that follows a corporate spy, Xavier, on a perilous adventure. The senator discovers Xavier’s intentions to expose him before Xavier is able to out the senator. On the run, Xavier steals gold and the incriminating documents to out the senator. Drawn into a bungalow by strange music on Chambers Court, he encounters a woman named Tamarina. She sends Xavier on a dangerous quest to steal the book of Undone Deeds in order to free himself.
The House on Chambers Court by GJ Scherzinger is such a thrilling and satisfying read. The author’s writing is expertly descriptive making the reader feel as though they are by Xavier’s side the whole way. Readers are able to imagine the characters and their surroundings because of the detailed writing that sets the scene and develops the character within it. Scherzinger’s inventive writing immediately captivates you and keeps you guessing from the turn of the first page.
The use of magic is something that I really enjoyed in this novel because, although this is a sword and sorcery novel, the magic feels grounded and always felt like there was a system behind it all. All of this ensures that readers are engrossed in the epic fantasy story without ever thinking twice about the magic.
Nestled among the detailed world are some intricately developed characters that continue to grow as the story progresses. I really enjoy fantasy stories that setup characters that are just as intriguing as the mystery they are heading into. The reader becomes invested in the character’s feelings and thoughts so that the surprise ending will hit them pretty hard.
I appreciated that the author shows the reader rather than telling the reader exactly what is going on, giving the reader room to imagine. While the story does feel rather grand, the excellent writing ensures that the pace is consistent and the plot is easy to follow. The theme of enchantment characterized by a cursed grimoire in a way makes me think about the polarity of good and evil, and how there should exist a balance for a society to thrive.
The House on Chambers Court is a fun fantasy adventure novel that will appeal to readers looking for a well defined sword and sorcery story that is elevated by captivating characters.

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GoodReads Reviews


This is GJ Scherzinger’s second novel, which I found to be another excellent read. Though not a sequel to The Demon of the Black Gate, it does inhabit a similarly mystical world. Again, his characters are strong, unusual and well crafted. Xavier Gaines, a corporate spy on the run; Tamarina Voxana and Morlinna, powerful but opposing sisters of magic and Kendra, a shapeshifter who becomes his closest companion. Together, they explore the realms of dimension and dreams, taking the reader on a journey of exploration, magic, mystery, danger and adventure, while contemplating the nature of life.
I found the exploration of shapeshifting particularly interesting and well written. The author successfully explores the dual existence within the shifting animal, encompassing the nature of the shifter as it combines with the nature of the animal. The reader is made fully aware of the danger of becoming lost in the nature of the animal, just as they are with the danger of becoming lost in a dream.
Altogether, I found this another interesting and entertaining read by GJ Scherzinger, which I can thoroughly recommend.


Amazon Reviews


Ed A.: Great Read

Entertaining. A bit different tale than what I expected, but once I started in I couldn't put it down until I made it to the end. The character development, and descriptions of the world Xavier was dropped into was well done. I really enjoyed the authors earlier book, The Wizard of Grimmer's Wharf, so I've been keeping an eye out any new books by Mr Scherzinger. And as soon as I saw this title I picked it up.


Matthew Evans-Koch : Wonderful Read

I purchased the first three of this author's books and read them all in a matter of days. All are very engaging. The development of the characters and the world that the stories take place in are excellent. Once you get into the story the imagery runs in your mind like a movie. The House On Chambers Court is a marvelous tale. Will read again. mk


Rebecca P : Scherzinger does it again!

I feel lucky to have stumbled onto Greg Scherzinger's books on Amazon. They are beautifully written: clever, full of twists and turns, with lovely depth of character and setting. Scherzinger adds a twinkling of wit that makes them irresistible. I believe there are three so far. Keep writing, Mr. S!


Mary : I want MORE. Loved the characters

I wanted to read it all in one sitting! The book drew me in and hooked me. A pleasant, suspenseful , well developed story A nice vacation of the mind. Story flow pulled me in quickly. Although I wanted to read it all at once my life doesn't allow that and I found myself thinking about the book throughout the day.

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