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The Demon of the Black Gate

An elemental demon created by forbidden magic is summoned by the wizard Rovinkar as a weapon of war. But he loses control of the demon at a critical moment and it is freed to ravage the land. Cerra of the Meadows has been blind since fever robbed her of sight at the age of seven. She is fated to confront the demon and becomes the only one who can restore it to its proper place.

Rovinkar seeks to regain control of the demon and eliminate Cerra, and she has no magic, only her wits, a faithful black cat ... and the ability to see what no one else can.


Literary Titan Review


Rovinkar, the wizard, holds in his hands the key to instigating a war like no other. Cerra, a blind woman living alone in the meadows, knows only what she feels and hears. Their two worlds collide when power goes to Rovinkar’s head and he offers to destroy the Black Gate thereby beginning a string of devastating events. Rovinkar’s offer involves much more than just his expertise, detailed research, and a desire to prove his usefulness–it involves releasing a demon. When the best laid plans go awry, Cerra becomes involved in ways she could never have imagined, and her simple life in the meadows tending herbs will never be the same.
The Demon of the Black Gate, by G.J. Scherzinger, details the devious musings of the wizard Rovinkar and the strength of character shown by Cerra of the Meadows. The author’s two main characters could not be more different–Rovinkar dealing in what amounts to the dark arts and Cerra living her life by touch, sound, and smell. Cerra, a seemingly powerless woman, is the clear heroine in Scherzinger’s tale and stands far above all other characters including Rovinkar.
Fantasies of this type are known for being fraught with flowery language and bigger-than-life characters, but Scherzinger has found and given readers a wonderful balance between the typical fantasy and a down-to-earth read. From the first chapter, the author provides characters who relate to one another as people and in a way readers can appreciate. There is an abundance of friendly banter between characters at the outset of the book that draws readers immediately into the story-line.
Cerra must be the very definition of strength. The peek into her backstory serves to draw readers in and secure their investment in her connection to the plot. It is difficult to imagine another character without her physical limitations who is willing to take on the immense tasks she does. I appreciate the symbolism in Cerra’s position as a healer. Her position later in the story makes it quite clear that she is the epitome of rebuilding and reviving.
Equally as effective are the author’s fantastically fashioned descriptions of the wizard, Rovinkar. As he sets about plotting the release of the demon, one gets a clear picture of the wizard practically rubbing his hands in sheer delight–he is quite the character and one readers will love to hate.
Scherzinger’s fantasy is peppered with humorous and engaging lines that offer a welcome sense of levity within a plot that could otherwise become very dark and foreboding. It goes without saying that Scherzinger gives readers amazing visuals of the surrounding countryside  From cover to cover, readers are treated to beautiful descriptions and vivid details. I am much more interested in characters and their development from beginning to end than scenes of action, and Scherzinger does not disappoint in this arena.

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Mikelle Loar 

4.0 out of 5 stars

This story is woven like a tapestry

November 29, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase



Absolutely worth the read. This story is woven like a tapestry. Each scene is detailed perfectly and you slide into the characters flawlessly. There was more than one night were I was so engrossed. This story will grip the reader from the first and hold them captive until the end leaving the reader wanting more. The unexpected twists the story takes will definitely stun you. The writing style, it was clear and easy to follow. It followed well, not once did I laugh at cheesy dialogue.
This story is definitely the start one hell of an epic adventure...


Matthew Evans-Koch 

5.0 out of 5 stars

Very enjoyable and engaging story

November 17, 2018

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This is the second of GJ Scherzinger's novels that I have read and the imagery is really well done. Not only is the story well developed and interesting but while reading it, in my mind, I kept seeing the actors who would play the characters if the book were made into a movie. Became so involved in the story that the book was read in just 3 days. Nothing else got done but the book.


BookLife Prize - 2020
Plot/Idea: 7 out of 10
Originality: 7 out of 10
Prose: 8 out of 10
Character/Execution: 8 out of 10
Overall: 7.50 out of 10

Plot: Neatly paced and epic in scope, this fantasy novel is light on the sorcery and lighter on the sword, instead leaning on its characters in a well-imagined world to keep readers hooked.
Prose/Style: The writing flows well, and features some beautiful descriptive language that brings the fantasy world alive, though occasionally the language around Cerra can feel a bit lubricious. The dialogue is organic and effectively aids in characterizations.
Originality: While the book doesn’t break any new ground, it does avoid many of the tropes and pitfalls of the genre. The characters, setting, and world appear original and unique.
Character Development: The characters are the novel’s greatest strength, particularly the relationship between Cerra and the demon. The supporting characters are also well-rendered with their own motivations and personalities that eschew fantasy tropes.
~ 5 Stars

Good Reads


I read a lot of fantasy and find that most stories are written for young adults with the quick wit and action-packed story lines that hold the attention of younger readers. The magnificent poetic prose of Greg Scherzinger’ writing is so refreshing, it is worth taking the time to savor and visualize. The plot brings us through challenging twists and turns that lead us to perceive that not all people are untrustworthy or evil. The main character Cerra is blind, and Scherzinger chronicles her daily obstacles with knowledge and sensitivity. It is rare to have a main character with a real handicap, and I found that aspect fascinating and unusual. What a delightful AND captivating book!
~ Linda - 5 stars



Hypnotically amazing! Refreshing and entertaining. It sucked me in from the first word. I was very pleased with the characterization in this story. When is the movie of this book coming out? Or are they in the process of creating the movie now? ☺️ This book is simply brilliant and I grew fond of it very quickly. Lots of action and adventure with a mix of magic and superhero. Highly Recommend this read.

Monica E.

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